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The Nuclear industry is poised to become a leading source of renewable, low emission, clean energy in the U.S. Having the combined operating licenses already approved for 5 new nuclear reactors in the US, the new build supply chain for those facilities will serve as examples for the next wave of new nuclear facilities to be built in the US. In this infographic find out where the US's 14 commercial nuclear power reactors are located as well as thier reactor and containment type. Learn more

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E-Waste Management: 7 Steps To Controlling 7 Toxins In The Corporate World

It is estimated that in developing high-income countries such as the constituent states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), barely five per cent of e-waste is reaching a recycling facility. In this piece we take a look at how businesses in particular, both big and small, can contribute to e-waste management and limit the effects of seven deadly toxins associated with electronic goods. Learn more

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Worth Their Salt? Solar Desalination In The MENA Region

Today there are some 16,000 desalination plants in action around the world, using sophisticated methods of filtration and distillation to produce 6.7 billion cubic meters of water on a daily basis. In this piece we look at how Solar Desalination could be the resource saviour for the desert nations of the GCC. Learn more

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Four Reasons To Opt For Substation Automation

In this piece, Asdza Nadleehe takes a look at the four most persuasive reasons for switching to an automated substation system. Learn more

Waste To Energy In The Middle East – A Burning Issue?

In 2012, the gross urban waste generation quantity from Middle Eastern countries crossed 150 million metric tonnes per annum, and five Arab nations: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait now rank in the top ten in terms of per capita solid waste generation worldwide. Waste-to-Energy (WtE) projects – that create energy in the form of electricity or heat usually from the incineration of waste sources – could be the saving grace for the worst waste offenders in the MENA... Learn more

In this interview, Sven Jansson, Programme Director at Swedish utility Elforsk AB, joins Energy IQ to discuss the conversion of PAS 55 into an ISO standard. Learn more

Iraq’s Water Worries - Troubled Times In The Fertile Crescent

The fallout of Operation Desert Storm in Iraq in 1991 was the wholesale destruction of much of the water delivery, sanitation and sewerage infrastructure for the Iraqi nation’s then 18.2 million people. In 2013, the population of the Republic of Iraq stands at 31 million, yet conditions have scarcely improved in the decade since the Second Gulf War. In this piece, we take a look at how Iraq is facing up to its water tribulations in the face of mounting sectarian strife and region-wide water depletion. Learn more

In this exclusive interview, we speak with Ex-Im's Senior Loan Officer for the Office of Renewable Energy & Environmental Finance about how to make your project attractive to investors. Learn more

10 Ways To Optimise Customer Management And Experience in Utilities

In an industry as competitive as utilities, good customer relationship management (CRM) is key, as it potentially means the difference between success and failure, mediocre performance and genuine excellence. In this piece, we take a look at 10 ways in which organisations can improve your CRM rating. Learn more

How Do You Change a Corrupt Corporate Culture?

Ahead of our MENA Contracts and Commercial Management in Energy conference, columnist Tom Fox takes the example of how Siemens managed to defeat their corrupt corporate culture as an archetype of progress for others to follow Learn more

25 whitepaper results
of 3