Worth Their Salt? Solar Desalination In The MENA Region

Desalination in its most basic form has been practised for thousands of years, with Phoenician and Greek mariners documented to have boiled salt out of seawater when potable water was scarce on long voyages.

Today there are some 16,000 desalination plants in action around the world, using sophisticated methods of filtration and distillation to produce 6.7 billion cubic meters of water on a daily basis.

Some of the largest of these plants can be found in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) bloc of nations, where water scarcity is most acute and where two nations – Kuwait and Bahrain – are more than 50 per cent water dependent on non-indigenous sources.

In this piece, we look at how Solar Desalination could be the resource saviour for the desert nations of the GCC.

Worth Their Salt? Solar Desalination In The MENA Region.

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