Posted: 04/11/2012
7 Good Reasons Why E-waste Management Is Vital
45,000 metric tonnes of electronic waste were disposed of in the US in 2010, but only 20 per cent of it was properly recycled. We look at seven rather noxious reasons why e-waste management is paramount in the Information Age. Full Article »
Posted: 08/10/2011
Ensuring Optimal Safety, Plant And Personnel Efficiency In The Nuclear Business

Speaking at Oil & Gas iQ's 6th Asset Integrity Management Summit in Adu Dhabi, Alain Floutier, Director of Marketing Solutions at French technology company Dassault Systémes, talks to Oil & Gas iQ's Anthony Permal about the re-emergent safety concerns in the nuclear industry after the Fukushima catastrophe. Alain will focus on:

· Lessons learned with regards to safety in the immediate aftermath of the Fukushima incident

· Concentrating on operational and operator failures after the tsunami and earthquake hit

· How simulated environments can help in the assessment of safety failures and create contingency plans

· The focus on using computer simulations to training operators how to react quickly in panic situations

· How to use software to monitor ageing plants and make sure they are kept in premium running condition

· The positive dynamic involved in countries where the owner of the nuclear station is also the national regulator

· The kind of precautionary measures that operators should be spending money on to ensure optimal safety and plant efficiency

Alain Floutiergraduated with a Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing degree from France’s Ecole Nationale d’Ingênieurs in 1981 and has worked with Dassault Systémes since 2005 in a variety of international roles relating directly to its energy industry products. Prior to joining DS, Alain worked in the United States for 7 years as Matradatavision’s Country Manager, and as Product Marketing Manager for CISIGRAPH, where he also worked for 10 years. Just before joining Dassault Systémes, Mr. Floutier worked for RAND as its EMEA Marketing Director.

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Contributor: Energy & Utilities iQ
Posted: 02/26/2014
The future looks bright for nuclear power. But, the list of new challenges to the industry’s global supply chain is daunting: Scaling up to meet future growth. ensuring a base of reliable suppliers and ready availability of product, and more. How can the nuclear supply chain meet these crucial goals? Full Podcast »
Posted: 09/25/2011
In this week's column for Energy iQ, David Hone covers the top ten questions Australians ask about climate change and attempts to answer them Full Column »
Posted: 02/27/2014
The Nuclear industry is poised to become a leading source of renewable, low emission, clean energy in the U.S. Having the combined operating licenses already approved for 5 new nuclear reactors in the US, the new build supply chain for those facilities will serve as examples for the next wave of new nuclear facilities to be built in the US. In this infographic find out where the US's 14 commercial nuclear power reactors are located as well as thier reactor and containment type. Full Sector Report »