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The mining industry is faced with many challenges including cyclical metal prices, declining grades and skills shortages. One of the most significant challenges is costs which are steadily increasing, especially over the past five years. Higher costs impact on margins and put producers under extreme pressure especially when commodity prices...Full Article »
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A recent survey showed that data contributes between a quarter and a third of the total value generated each year by the activities of a typical energy company. Within this, a significant percentage will be unstructured information, including documents, drawings, images, 3D models, and even High Definition Surveying (HDS) which comprises...Full Article »
The phrase "business critical" is an often-used but seldom well-defined phrase in 21st century enterprise. How can your asset intenisve organisation benefit from project management software to streamline objectives and improve your bottom line?...Full Article »
The Fukushima incident has prompted a renewed emphasis on the rules and regulations surrounding safety in the nuclear sector. The authorities responsible for the running of nuclear power plants had to submit their initial documentation this September in line with the EU Stress Test. So how have things changed post-Fukushima? The European...Full Article »
With 50 years of nuclear power behind us, why is nuclear safety culture still perceived to be so difficult to instill? In this webinar we concentrate on the human and process-led aspects that can lead to success....Full Article »
There will be about 60,000 plug-in electric vehicles in North America in 2011. In this first wave, utilities are expected to work with PEV consumers to understand the economic and environmental benefits of off-peak charging. And, with what could be as much as a million more PEVs taking to the streets over the next five years, utilities will be...Full Article »
Owners and operators of nuclear facilities have always been focused on the challenge of avoiding project delays, reducing unplanned shutdowns, and enhancing safety in line with productivity. In a post-Fukushima world, however, the challenge of anticipating and minimizing the impact of major plant incidents is an equally high-profile priority...Full Article »