Haïdar, EIC

Timothy Haïdar, EIC

Tim Haïdar is Editor in Chief for both Oil & Gas IQ and Energy IQ.

A respected journalist, Tim has been featured on both Channel 4 News and BBC News as an expert in his field.

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Wind turbine blades are crucial energy conversion components that have received much attention lately, especially given the fact that they can provide almost 50% reductions in cost of energy while also increasing energy production efficiency. Only the continuous improvement of rotor blades will allow the sector to tap into more moderate wind...Full Article »
With 100 gigawatts of wind power projects at some stage of planning in Europe, cross border collaboration on grid integration will be key to Europe's renewable energy future...Full Article »
Wind turbine nacelles are the skulls in which the brains of the turbine reside. In this piece, Asdza Nadleehe looks to get inside the head of the nerve centre of the wind farm world....Full Article »
One of the biggest barriers to the adoption of offshore wind technology is cost, and with installation accounting for up to a quarter of capital spending on offshore turbines, this is a major concern for Europe's burgeoning wind farms...Full Article »
Comprised of 20 countries stretching from Morocco on the Atlantic, to Iran on the Indian Ocean, the MENA region is the world’s most arid zone, with the highest levels of global water deficit. Asdza Nadleehe looks at just how the region can begin to tackle this polemic issue...Full Article »
Substations are an essential and integral part of all electrical generation, transmission, and distribution systems both on land and offshore, but how well are they adapted for the harsh environment of the high seas?...Full Article »
E-Waste is a growing concern in the modern world, and the business environment has a duty of care to push and comply with e-waste disposal and recycling quotas. In this piece find out six ways to embed an e-waste management programme at the heart of your organisation...Full Article »
In this article, Energy iQ reporter Asdza Nadleehe takes a look at the world's largest upcoming offshore wind farm projects....Full Article »
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In an era of ever-increasing prices, decreasing customer margins and more ravenous competition than ever before, energy and utility companies are fighting against a growing tide of consumer dissatisfaction to retain their base. In this article we look at 10 ways to retain your custom in a dog-eat-dog climate....Full Article »
The ASEAN group of nations are booming economically and burgeoning in population size, so it is no wonder that they are undetaking some of the biggest energy infrastructure projects around. Find out more here...Full Article »
39 results
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