David Hone on Climate and Energy
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The Sky's The Limit? Where To Now For Emissions And Aviation?:
In light of the first flight of Boeing's Dreamliner, climate change guru David Hone asks where the aviation industry is headed with regards to carbon emissions reductionRead more
by David Allen
Growing Pains - Growth Or Confusion In The Green Economy:
In this week's column, David Hone reflects on his visit to the inaugural Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) in Copenhagen, and on how to put words into action and implement a realistic green growth agendaRead more
A Tale of Two Earths – The Future of the EU-ETS:
In his weekly column, David Hone considers the EU-ETS in the light of further opposition, and asks questions of the scheme in the light of the changing environmental and financial climateRead more
Brick By BRIC - Sustainability In Brazil:
Climate Change is largely a problem bequethed to the world by the advanced Western nations, so how is one of the biggest developing nations dealing with the challenge? David Hone investigates the Brazilian question.Read more

Nuclear Matters
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John Sadler
Refuelling Nuclear Britannia:
The UK nuclear industry is at an important phase in its development. 50 years ago we were embarking on the design and building of our new nuclear fleet and beginning to generate nuclear power, which they said would be so cheap that it was no worth charging.Read more
by John Sadler